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 I am a freelance wildlife Long-lens Cinematographer based in the United Kingdom.


I’ve been in and around the Bristol wildlife scene for a decade with a background in Kitroom and Drama, I come to this world with a wealth of technical know-how. 


I’m an HSE Commercial Diver, I’ve got my canopy access qualification and my GVC and FAA drone licence. I am a proficient operator with experience using specialist builds from Gimbals, Underwater housings, phantom flex high speed, Selex thermal kit right down to Low light and Full spectrum kits. 

 Starting as a Spark on features and then later moved to camera trainee on multiple shorts around London. I soon found myself wishing to be back out shooting wildlife, so I found a job at Esprit Film and TV for 3 years before entering the freelance world as a second Camera.  After completing the Silverback Bursary, I am now a full-time Camerawoman working both topside Long lens and underwater as a main operator. 


My main goal in life is to make beautiful content that matters. I have been an avid activist for the last ten years and try to communicate science through my Buddha and the Whale business.  Through this, I create content from blogs, podcasts and short documentaries to engage audiences in lesser-known causes and issues that might not make it to the big screens. I have assisted scientists across the globe through seagrass surveys, bird counts and ringing, bat surveys, and turtle and cetacean rescues. I hope that my part in this industry will help create positive change in this world.  

skills list:

  • Long lens - plenty of hours now with cn20 setups from up in the canopy to on the shoreline and in hides. 

  • Interview setups - I Love lighting from my old sparking days so the chance to light and shoot an interview is a pleasure. Also happy to shoot offspeed pretties of contributors.

  • Underwater systems - I am fully fluent in current Gates and nauticam systems as well as specialist polecam systems.  I have worked in deep water, off boats, in rivers and off cliffs.

  • Gimbals - I can balance and with the right support set ups also operate a number of gimbals including Ronin 2, RS2, RS3 and Movi. I have also completed a stedicam course and adapted the RS3 for low angle operation.  

  • Phantom /high speed - I have shot a couple of sequences using the veo now.  I am comfortable with camera system. 

  • standard longterm Timelapse and timestudies

  • Motion control timelapse systems (Syrup, kessler, camblock)

  • Camera Trapping - Tshed DSLR systems, Cognysis systems as well as standard Bushnall and browning setups. 

  • Sellex systems - I have shot with the Superhawk in both hot and cold environments now.  I have also assisted in prepping the Merlin for Shotover.

  • IR/UV - I have done extensive tests and lit and shot with multi systems for IR and UV filming.

  • Macro set building - I have set up several on location and from home sets including freshwater underwater tank systems, timelapse, IR and large mammal builds. 

  • Remote cameras /PTZ - from production builds, z cams and Ronin 4Ds -  remote cameras seem to be the big thing right now and I can find my way around most remote systems.

  • Drone -  I have my UK GVC and US FAA qualifications and have plenty of hours on DJI systems such as Mavic Pro 3 and Inspire 2, shooting in jungles, over the ocean and around wildlife. 

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